Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Flickr-ing Around

In the past, showing my youth a little here, I have used photo sharing sites. You would think that I would be a pro at these sites, but I am no where near it! This week has been rough for me: having found out that I had a large fracture of the anterolateral tibial plateau of my left knee (on Monday) and that I needed to have surgery ASAP (on Tuesday). I did not have much time to prepare myself. As I am maximizing my time off of my pain killers to get some work done I decided it would be a fun day to explore Flickr. As I am sitting here with my leg elevated creating my profile, my two little boys (Christian and Talon) are creating havoc around me. They seem to have a new project each day, which revolves around either socks, toys, the back patio, or destroying anything and everything that I doing. I found it quite perfect to turn my computer around and capture an "innocent" image that was going on around me. I posted this image on my Flickr ( and added a description that said "Yo brother, what is the metal contraption that Kristin uses to have 4 legs like us?" When the boys constant attempts of trying to crawl on my post-op brace and sniff my knee continuously fails, they chose a new goal... to try to climb up my crutches that are strategically placed near me for convenience and easy access. In watching this go on around me I only wish that my life was so simple that I could find ways, like them, to create complex games and play "how can I destroy this?"! Must be nice to be so cute that it is hard for somebody to yell at you!

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