Saturday, May 30, 2009

RSS Feeds and Bloglines

The world of technology is getting out of hand. It is remarkable how far we have come in just the past decade. Bloglines is one of the coolest and easiest things I have ever subscribed to. There are days where I sit at work and want to check up on some news real fast: find the latest celebrity dirt, see what the news on the Braves is, what's going on in the english premier league, etc. I am never successful and fully caught up on whats going on outside of my world because it takes too long to navigate and open up new windows and find the "news" icon. Let alone I never have enough time to even read one article before being pulled away and back to work. Setting up a bloglines reader may be one of the greatest things I have ever done! Now I have all of my favorite news and the stuff I want to read all at the touch of my fingertips, on one site! It was extremely easy to set up, and now I am already addicted and have wasted so much time getting caught up on my favorite topics! Thank you Bloglines for setting up such a user friendly read, and Scott for introducing this to me! Very excited!

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