Saturday, May 30, 2009

Web2.0 & TeamSnap

Web2.0 is constantly making life easier and more fun. Having all of my favorite sites and local and national news brought to me at the click of button, all in one area, is incredible. As I was searching the Web2.0 awards list of sites, I stumbled upon one site called TeamSnap that really caught me by surprise. This website offers a unique way to manage a sports team that you coach or manage. When I was playing soccer in college, some of my teammates and I would coach a youth soccer team during our off-season as a part of community involvement as well as a hobby we thoroughly enjoyed! It was always so difficult keeping track of our players stats and monthly payments. We had game and tournament schedules posted all over our refrigerators, a pictures of our players saved in folders on our computers. This TeamSnap site would have been a life saver and really neat for the players. It would have allowed us to keep track of our schedule, players fees and payments, track and post our players stats, post messages and email our team and their parents, post photos for the team to look at and their parents to print, and even allow us to make a schedule of who is bringing refreshments for the end of the game. This would have made the behind-the-scenes part of our jobs as coaches much easier, more fun and interactive for the players and parents. If I ever find the time to get back to coaching I will DEFINITELY use this site on my team!

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