Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am very new to the world of podcasting. A) because I am fairly lazy and do not like reading books or listening to things that sound like books on tape! and B) I have found a new interest due to my new iphone so I figured I better check it out. I was searching around on podcast.com and found some interesting feeds. I connected one feed to my Bloglines account so that I can listen in on cool episodes. It is called Tri Talk. Before my traumatic injury, I had been training for a triathlon, and I was finding it hard and costly to get advice and information from other triathletes by buying magazines and books. I listened to a few episodes that I found interesting and there was a lot of good advice from an elite triathlete. It is like listening to a blog but on all of the topics I am curious about. Right now while I cannot train, this would be a good way to stimulate my mind and focus on what I want to do when I can train again. Set up programs for myself as well as stay engaged during this down time. Podcasting is also a good educational tool. I find it very useful in my classes as well as looking things up about the medical profession and new rehabilitation ideas and up and coming research. It is fun to listen to these new ideas instead of reading them in books or magazines! And the best part is, most of them are free!!

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