Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mmmmmm Del.icio.us

So there is this social bookmarking site called Del.icio.us, it is a pretty unique and creative site. HOWEVER, I have one question... WHY?? I can see how maybe this could be useful to see what sites other people are using and help a person become more of a web surfer, but I think it just adds even more time. I will sometimes use my bookmark tab to put school sites or interesting athletic sites, but I do not use it often. I think it is a ridiculous idea to have a site where everyone bookmarks, or even just to bookmark your own sites. For professional purposes I cannot see myself ever using a site like this. My career does not offer much time for me to navigate or surf the web, and when I was playing around on del.icio.us, I really did not find many things that I could use on a daily basis for work. Amongst my negativity towards this site, I can look outside of the box and imagine many aspects of society would really enjoy a site like this. The social, gossiping side of society could use this to compare where they look as well as find new sites to engage their minds. I can see how this can be a fun and useful site, however it is just not my taste, and is not delicious in my book!

1 comment:

  1. laaaaaaame, defintiely not delicious. Personally, I think its for fat people who have no life or eople whose job has them surfing the net all day. just a thought.